Antislip Stair Nosings

Provides superior slip and fall prevention in stairways, landings and pedestrian access areas

Antislip Ladder Rung Covers

Eliminates the problem of slippery ladders by increasing the amount of available surface area where there is any foot contact

Antislip Safeplates

Ensures maximum protection on polished, wet, oily floors, walkways, landings and ramps. Customizable to fit any area.


Conveyor Channel Cleats

Designed to provide firm footing on any type of grating mesh conveyor ramp, platform or walkway, even with a sharp incline.

Commercial Stair Tread Nosing

Provides a secure non-slip surface on the leading edge of internal or external steps in a commercial or residential environment.

Antislip Tapes

Use on steps, ladders, ramps, walkways, platforms, gangways, gantries, construction equipment, trailers, forklifts, boats, trains, buses, work vehicles and more.

Our Mission

Each year thousands of people are reported to suffer easily preventable injuries from a slip, trip or fall, that can lead to cuts, bruises, fractures, dislocations or in the worst case, a fatality.

Nearly 60% of these preventable incidents were caused by environmental factors such as slippery surfaces after a fluid spill or on a worn stair, walkway, platform, ramp, ladder or landing.

We have the solution for every slipping problem. Take the next safe step with us.

Protect your workforce against injuries and fatalities
Prevent costly accidents and save millions on insurance claims
Ensure a safe workplace compliant with Australian standards
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