Injuries resulting from incidents on an incline mesh type walkway or ramp can reach up to a thousand each year. They can be minor medically treated injuries like cuts, fractures, bruises and dislocations, which happen more frequently, however more serious injuries can happen as a result of slips as well.

Advance Anti-Slip Surfaces manufacture a concise range of Class One, ready to install, metal backed antislip conveyor channel cleats with a durable nonslip surface designed to provide firm footing on any type of grating mesh conveyor ramp, platform or walkway, even with a sharp incline.

Conveyor Channel Cleats come in a standard profile of 10mm high by 50mm in depth and widths from 580mm to 1180mm long, and are created to provide maximum protection against slips, stumbles or tumbles on incline mesh or grating walkways, ramps or platforms.


When Advance Anti-Sip Surfaces’ Conveyor Channel Cleats are installed on internal or external access incline walkways or ramps, all pedestrian traffic will be better protected. Workers and visitors will have safer walking conditions indoors and outdoors, resulting in greater safety and a reduction in injury costs for the organisation.


Our nonslip conveyor channel cleats are extremely durable and constructed to withstand wear and tear of even the heaviest pedestrian traffic.


  • Superior slip prevention in incline walkways, ramps, platforms and pedestrian access areas,

  • Has a long effective life,

  • Robust, durable, reliable,

  • Easy to clean,

  • No down time, simply install and they are ready to walk on

  • Can easily be replaced if damaged,

  • Reduces costly injuries.


  • Made with strong metal backing,

  • Pre-drilled for simple installation

  • Bright Safety Yellow nonslip coating,

  • Other colour options available,

  • Custom make sizes available

  • High impact resistance

  • Excellent chemical & UV resistance,

  • Suitable for all walkway applications,

  • Australian Standards compliant,

  • Covered by Advance Anti-Slip’s extensive warranty

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