Injuries resulting from slips and trips can reach thousands each year. They can be minor medically treated injuries like cuts, fractures, bruises and dislocations, which happen more frequently, however more serious injuries can happen as a result of slips as well. Overly polished, wet, oily floors, walkways landings and ramps can create a slippery surface that may lead to an incident occurring.

Advance Anti-Sip Surfaces Safeplates are engineered to provide maximum protection against slips, stumbles or tumbles. Safeplates can be sized to fit the area to be made safe with an antislip surface. They come in a variety of coarseness to provide superior traction from general pedestrian use through to industrial areas where heavy pneumatic tyred machinery is located.

When Advance Anti-Sip Surfaces’ Safeplates are installed in internal or external access pathways all pedestrian traffic will be better protected. Workers and visitors will have safer walking conditions indoors and out. Safeplates are extremely durable and designed to stand up to the wear and tear of heavy traffic while still performing effectively.

Safeplates reduce the overall number of trips and falls, which eliminates the most common form of workplace injury, resulting in greater safety and a reduction in lost time injuries for the organisation. Antislip metal deck Safeplates can be used in both pedestrian and industrial areas, and can be mechanically fastened ready to walk on so that you don't have to keep a vigil over the antislip product you've just installed.


  • Superior slip and fall prevention in walkways, ramps, landings and pedestrian access areas

  • Easy to clean

  • No down time, simply install and it is ready to walk on

  • Can easily be replaced if damaged

  • Reduces MTI’s and LTI’s


  • Bright Safety Yellow nonslip coating

  • Custom make sizes available

  • Made with strong metal backing

  • High impact resistance

  • Other colours available

  • Easy to install

  • Chemical resistant

  • Suitable for all walkway applications

  • Covered by a long warranty

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