It is important to significantly enhance safety on most ladders by adding nonslip ladder rung covers which will increase the amount of available surface area where there is any foot contact. The mostly smooth, small foot surface area on ladder rungs present an extremely high-risk hazard that needs to be made safe by being covered in an Antislip coating as specified in AS 1657.

Advance Anti-Sip Surfaces Antislip Class 1 metal backed Ladder Rung Covers are available in two distinct styles, circular and square, which snap fit easily over the rung providing a long lasting, highly visible surface to climb. Ladders can be a means of access that is used less often than walkways or stairs, therefore adding Advance Anti-Sip Surfaces antislip Ladder Rung Covers will not only make the ladder a safe piece of equipment, they will usually last for the useful life of the ladder.


Advance Anti-Sip Surfaces Antislip Ladder Rung Covers will eliminate the problem of slippery ladders and protect employees and visitors in the area from slips and falls.


  • Made in circular, square or custom designed profile

  • Highly visible in our bright Safety Yellow

  • Many colours available

  • Snap fits over ladder rungs tightly

  • Resilient to impacts

  • Circular rung covers backed with quality Colorbond® coated steel

  • Can be retrofitted on site or as specified as an OEM safety enhancement

  • Easily installed using adhesive or mechanical fastening


  • Increased safety on ladders

  • Reduction in the number of slips and falls from ladders

  • Increases the useful life of the ladder

  • A wide variety of sizes

  • Comes in different colours

  • Comes with a very high anti-slip rating

  • Does not peel, crack, become brittle or wear out

  • Resistant to chemical corrosion

  • Complies with required safety standards

  • Quick and simple to install

  • Extremely durable with a high traction design

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